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This isn’t our first rodeo. As the summer camp USA experts, at BUNAC we’ve placed over 100,000 people in summer camps in America. 

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Summer Camp USA Eligibility Requirements

Although there are some exceptions, most nationalities are able apply for our Summer Camp USA programme. All applicants must fulfil the below criteria:

  • Aged between 18-30-years-old.
  • Able to fly out to the USA before the 20th June.
  • Able to commit to the whole camp season, running for nine weeks between June and August. 
  • Be confident working with children from 6-16-years-old.
  • Be a fluent English speaker and have no criminal history.
  • Have had some previous experience working with children. However, many applicants don’t realise they already have this, so speak to us about what that entails.
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J-1 Visa Rules & Requirements

What is a J-1 visa?

It’s not permitted to work in America on a tourist visa or the electronic visa waiver programme (ESTA). All summer camp applicants need to apply for a cultural exchange visa, known as the J-1 visa. The J-1 visa application requires more supporting and sponsorship information than most working holidays visas. However, BUNAC and our sponsors help to provide this for you.

How long can I stay in the USA on a J-1 visa?

What are the J-1 visa requirement?

Do I need a sponsor to apply for a J-1 visa

How much does a J-1 visa cost?

How do I apply for a J-1 visa?

Do I need a J-1 visa and ESTA?

Can I re-enter America on my J-1 visa?

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Mum, Dad...

Mum, Dad... I'm moving to America

Practical advice for parents of future Camp Counsellors on why BUNAC’s Summer Camp USA programme is the most rewarding way to spend a summer. Clue: Financial independence, learning new skills, less laundry to do at home.

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