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From California to Connecticut, we work with almost 300 handpicked summer camps in over 30 states across America.

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Summer Camp in America Locations

Home to the deepest canyons, the greatest lakes and the wildest coastlines, America was at the front of the queue when the travel gods handed out natural wonders.

However, in this geography lesson, there are no wrong answers. As most camps get a front row seat onto these beautiful landscapes and America is mostly hot and sunny throughout the summer months, location and weather play less of a deciding factor when looking at camps. Our advice? Connect with the camp that best fits your skills and interests - not the location that hits your bucket list. Afterall, that’s what your 30 days of travelling after camp are for!

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300 Summer Camps across America

At BUNAC, we’ve been running our Summer Camp USA programme for over 50 years. Chosen for their location, ethos and the experience they provide for both staff and campers, we work with Camp Directors from almost 300 camps. All the summer camps we work with are accredited by the American Camps Association (ACA), which means they comply with over 300 safety standards.

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The state Playoffs

Everything might be bigger in Texas or sunnier in California, but our most popular camps are in New York state, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Find out why for our travellers, the East Coast rules and Midwest is best.

Camp in America Dates

Summer camps in America start between May and June each year and run for nine weeks until mid-August. All applicants must be able to fly out to the USA by the 20th June. Your J-1 visa then allows you to travel in the USA for 30 days after camp.

Visa’s & Eligibility

Types of Summer Camps

Private Camps

We wondered when Parent Trap would make an appearance! Just like the movies, these independently owned camps are usually in picturesque waterfront locations with rustic cabins and a heavy focus on activities. From watersports instructors to rock climbing coaches, Camp Directors recruit for a wide range of Activity Specialists as well as traditional Camp Counsellors.

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