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Your child tells you they’re going overseas. Whether your first thought is panic, pride or ‘What colour are we painting the new spare room’ – we understand you’re going to have questions. Here’s why you can feel comfortable and confident when they travel with us. 




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In many ways, we’re the parent of the work abroad world. Founded in 1962, we’re recognised as one of the most established work, learn and intern abroad organisations in the world. Heck, many of our travellers were recommended to us BY their parents who had done BUNAC trips when they were younger.

With age, comes experience. And to date, we’ve helped over half a million young people have life-changing adventures – watching them return with more confidence, more skills and a greater empathy for the world around them.

Our customers are genuinely like friends to us, and their trips are as familiar to us as our own – which is why generations of travellers book with us time and time again.

Know before they go

 Let’s talk

Let’s talk

Props to all the parents and guardians out there whose children are planning an adventure. It’s a big deal – and we know that the fun times can be mixed with worrying times. You’re probably going to have different questions and concerns to the person travelling, so let’s jump on a call and talk it out.


Common FAQs

We want to make all our guardians and parents proud, but if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, get in touch.


Do many people travel alone?

Yes! Depending on the program, typically 80-90% of our customers are solo travellers. Our programs are a great way to meet like-minded people from all over the world, making connections and friendships that last a lifetime.

If you’re concerned about your family member arriving into a new country on their own, talk to the team about the best program for them. For example, our Work New Zealand and Work Australia programs have an Ultimate option.

This is a fixed-dated intro week that includes airport transfers, arrival accommodation, guided trips, job workshops and social events – usually with up to 20 other BUNAcers. Typically in this week, our program participants will start to find jobs and places to live together.

To encourage our travellers to connect with each other before they go, we also set up a WhatsApp group, Facebook group or online group orientation. Plus, our BUNAC teams and partners on the ground are support and social hubs for our travellers – where they can reach out for assistance and come along to regular social events.

Will my family member be working with other people?

Do BUNAC include flights?

What about travel insurance?

What happens if there is an emergency?

What happens if they need to cancel due to COVID-19?

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