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Why do a working holiday in Australia?

A rite of passage for travellers, Australia is the unicorn of the working holiday world. Combining the ultimate travel destination with a backpacker-friendly work culture and one of the highest minimum wages in the world, it puts both the ‘work’ and ‘holiday’ into working holiday. 

With employers used to taking on overseas travellers, it's possible to find work across most industries – from construction sites to creative agencies. And across the whole country. Which means you can go walkabout hopping between Australia’s cities, beaches, outback and rainforests – picking up casual work in bars, hostels and farms to fund the next leg of your Aussie adventure.

Finding a job
No hassle travel

No hassle travel

We put in the work, so you don’t have to. We’ll process your working holiday visa, set up the essentials such as your Aussie bank account and tax file number, help you find a job and hook you up with hostels, trips and nights out.

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The down low on working holidays Down Under


BUNAC presents You in '24

Laidback surf towns, stylish cities and barefoot tropical islands. You’re not in Kansas now, Toto. (Different Oz maybe). Press play on the ultimate Australia working holiday with BUNAC.

How to go

All three of our Work Australia packages include your working holiday visa. Our team even apply for the visa on your behalf to make sure it’s submitted correctly. Life’s too short for the extra admin.

Get in the friend zone

Confused about where to go and what work you can do? Call us for a yarn. We’ll help you figure out your trip and answer any questions. Such as: what’s a yarn? (Aussie for a chat), or why are thongs flip flops in Oz but underwear everywhere else? (No idea).



Book with travellers. Expert job hunters, visa translators and parent whisperers all our team have worked or volunteered abroad.


We include your visa, plus all the essentials such as your tax file number and Aussie bank account.


We take the stress out of finding a job, both when you land and for the whole of your visa.


We connect you with people like you, through WhatsApp groups, social events and trips.

Travel with confidence


Total peace of mind with our Booking Guarantee*


Book with a deposit and pay eight weeks before you fly


24/7 emergency help and support at home and abroad


60+ years of work, learn and intern abroad expertise

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