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Why do a working holiday in New Zealand?

Home to ice-carved peaks, cloud-hitting waterfalls and miles of empty golden beaches, New Zealand is spellbinding. Which is appropriate given that until recently, the country had its own national wizard. (Not Gandolf, his name was actually Ian and he lives in Christchurch). 

But it’s not just the filmset Lord of the Rings landscapes that make New Zealand such a magical place to live and work. Small and proud, New Zealand has an inspirational culture, outdoor lifestyle and laidback outlook that makes travellers form a lifelong connection – arriving as visitors and leaving as locals. Plus, the NZD $22.70 an hour minimum wage, chance to work a ski season, and national obsession with pies doesn’t hurt either.

Cost and inclusions
The BUNAC working holiday

The BUNAC working holiday compatibility quiz

1. Do you laugh in the face of formal polyester workwear and dream of working in flip flops/beanies/snapbacks
2. Are you interested in afterwork activities such as skiing, surfing and wine (legit an activity)
3. Do you quite like your home friends, but would like awesome new traveller workmates
D. Would you like to be better at lettering or numbering lists
If the answer is mostly yes, then you’re the perfect candidate for a New Zealand working holiday.

Visas and eligibility

The need to know before you go

Find a job

BUNAC presents You in ‘23

The new you lives and works in New Zealand. Your working holiday ride or die, we put in the hard work – so you don’t have to. Our Work New Zealand program includes visa assistance, comprehensive job support, arrival accommodation and everything you need to hit the ground running.

How to go

Life’s too short for figuring out tax file numbers and visa forms. Our Work New Zealand packages take the stress out of applying for your visa and finding a job.


We don’t just sell the dream, we live it. 90% of our team have done working holiday visas. Book with travellers who know their stuff. 


We help you to apply for your visa and include all the working holiday essentials such as your IRD (tax) number.

We take the stress out of finding a job, connecting you with the best in-country partners to help you find work.

Friendly faces away from home, our BUNAC team in Auckland are on hand to support you for the whole of your visa.

Travel with confidence


Total peace of mind with our Booking Guarantee


Book with a deposit and pay eight weeks before you fly


24/7 emergency help and support at home and abroad


60+ years of work, learn and intern abroad expertise

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