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When a day at work never feels like we’re told it should do. Take your hobbies and interests, and turn them into the ultimate paid summer job abroad.  

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Camp in America Job Roles

Work abroad as a Camp Counsellor, Activity Specialist or Special Needs Counsellor. Be part of a team, earn USD $2000 spending money and do something different with your summer.

Activity Specialist
Camp Counsellor
Special Needs Counsellor

Activity Specialist jobs in America

From teaching guitar to coaching basketball, spend the summer growing your leadership skills and turning your passion into a profession. 

  • Develop and enhance children’s confidence, skill and proficiency - all while practicing and improving the sport or activity you love.
  • Coach over 50 sports including soccer, gymnastics, archery, football, horseriding, rock climbing, sailing, tennis, swimming and more.
  • Not just about being a good sport - teach performing arts, drama, music, singing, crafts, painting, dance and other creative arts.

You’ll need: As an Activity Specialist, you’ll need passion, patience and the confidence to lead a group in your chosen activity.

You’ll get: Building bridges through teamwork and creativity, you’ll develop your leadership skills while positively impacting young people.

To apply: No formal coaching qualifications are usually required. On top of the ongoing support you’ll get at camp, some camps may also include training before you start.

Activity Specialist

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A day in the life of a lifeguard
Working as a tennis instructor

Camp Counsellor jobs in America

The ultimate all-rounder and ultimate role model, Camp Counsellors are the most typical job roles in American summer camps. 

  • Assigned your own group of campers, you’ll help children and young adults away from home to have the summer of their lives.
  • You’ll do a bit of everything - from helping to run activities and supervise cabin clean ups, to fashioning impromptu fancy dress costumes.
  • You’ll bring the fun and the responsibility, forming incredible bonds that will help to shape the lives of your campers - and yours.
Camp Counsellor

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Day in the life of a camp counsellor

Special Needs Counsellor jobs in America

One of the most challenging but rewarding roles you can do at camp, give a whole lot this summer and receive a whole lot back. 

  • Spend the summer making a real difference to those who may not otherwise have been able to experience life at camp.
  • Break down boundaries by helping children of all abilities to take part in accessible activities and adapted outdoor adventures.
  • Build personal one-on-one relationships with the children you work with – learning as much about yourself as you teach to others.

You’ll need: Patience, compassion and understanding. Plus, a willingness to leave your perceptions of what’s possible at the front gate.

You’ll get: These roles can be challenging, but your camp family will be there at every stage with training, guidance and support.

To apply: No prior experience is required. Our BUNAC Travel Experts will work with you to understand your experience, interests and comfort levels.

Special Needs Counsellor

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Working as a special needs counsellor
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Not sure which role is Right for you?

Many camps operate more hybrid roles – part Camp Counsellor/part Activity Specialist. Call us and we’ll run through your options.

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