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The Intern USA programme is offered by BUNAC Travel Services Ltd (the “Company”) and supported by a regulated US State Department sponsor. The Company acts as an international representative for the Visa sponsor (“the sponsor”). The programme is designed to support participants to complete the steps required to obtain a DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) form which permits them to apply for a J1 Intern Visa (the “J1”) which is issued separately by the US Embassy and to have an internship approved by the visa sponsor. 

The ethos of this programme is to gain experience in your field of study and bring that experience home to the UK to share with your countrymen. This is an internship programme and any position you take must be an internship. The training you receive in your position will be directly related to your field of study and will be progressive - i.e. will clearly be developing your skills and knowledge  

By joining the programme you are bound by the company’s general terms and conditions which are listed here. 



All customers will receive: eligibility screening, access to an internship database, J1 visa assistance and DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document), in-country support, medical insurance, and internship vetting by visa sponsor. Full programme inclusions are listed HERE. 



The cost of your programme will be determined by the length of your internship in the US 

1 Month 

£1249/$1490/1530/$2375 AUD/$2650 NZD 

2 Months 

£1349/$1610/1655/ $2565 AUD/ $2865 NZD 

3 Months 

£1449/$1730/1775/ $2755 AUD/ $3075 NZD 

4 Months 

£1549/$1850/1900/ $2945 AUD/ $3285 NZD 

5 Months 

£1699/$2030/2080/ $3230 AUD/ $3605 NZD 

6 Months 

£1749/$2090/2145/ $3325 AUD/ $3710 NZD 

7 Months 

£1849/$2205/2265/ $3515 AUD/ $3925 NZD 

8 Months 

£1895/$2260/2320/ $3600 AUD/ $4020 NZD 

9 Months 

£1995/$2380/2445/ $3790 AUD/ $4235 NZD 

10 Months 

£2095/$2500/2565/ $3980 AUD/ $4445 NZD 

11 Months 

£2295/$2740/2810/ $4360 AUD/ $4870 NZD 

12 Months 

£2495/$2975/3055/ $4740 AUD/ $5295 NZD 

13 Months 

£2569/$3065/3145/ $4880 AUD/ $5450 NZD 

14 Months 

£2595/$3095/3180/ $4930 AUD/ $5505 NZD 

What fees will you need to pay to third parties? 

  • A police check 
  • US Embassy fee 
  • Travel to and from the US embassy  
  • Return flights 
  • Transport from the airport once you arrive in the USA
  • $3,000 in support funds
  • Accommodation
  • Spending money
  • Site visit to your employer £250 (if required)  


Regardless of the circumstances, we are unable to refund any of these fees. 



The deposit is transferable to any Company programme up until the point of your over the phone interview with the Company taking place. After your interview, your deposit will be considered as used and therefore be non-transferable. 

Your deposit is protected for life, however, is not transferable to another person. Your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) must be printed with your correct name, date of birth, place and country of birth. It is your responsibility to provide details on all application forms that exactly match your passport. The DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document )replacement cost, due to misinformation or loss by the applicant is £75/$90/90. 



Cancellations requests will not be acted on until written confirmation by email has been received by the Company. If a DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) has been issued it must be returned to the Company before any refunds are given. 

Programme Deposit - The £350/$400/400/ $600 AUD/ $600 NZD programme deposit is a non-refundable fee unless your application is rejected by the Company before your application is submitted to the visa sponsor, in which case you will be refunded minus a £25/$30/30 administration fee. Your programme will be considered cancelled if you request to withdraw, do not engage with your application or respond to the Company’s communications or are not able to continue with the program giving rise to your requesting to withdraw. 

Cancellations are calculated based on the stage where your application is at. 



  • If you are rejected at the initial interview: £25/$30/30/$50 AUD/ $50 NZD 
  • Before application submitted to sponsor: £430/$495/495/$855 AUD/ $855 NZD 
  • After application is submitted to the sponsor but before a DS-2019 is issued: £430/$495/495/$855 AUD/ $855 NZD 
  • Your Visa is refused by the US Embassy: £430/$495/495/$855 AUD/ $855 NZD 
  • After DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) is issued: No refund 

The Company is not liable for and cannot refund third party costs including: police checks, travel costs, medical costs, and visa costs under any circumstances. 

Dormant Application  

If you have not activated or submitted your Internship Visa application within 3 months of deposit, your application will be marked as dormant and withdrawn from the programme. Regular cancellation fees will apply.  



J-1 Intern Work Travel Visa Eligibility 

  • Must be aged between 18-38 
  • You must be a current full-time degree-level student in the UK or have graduated within the last 12 months  
  • You must be at least halfway through your degree before beginning your internship 
  • Your internship must be related to your academic field of study 
  • You must have a 1-14 month internship offer when you apply for your visa
  • Your internship must be a training position, and not a job
  • Your internship must be a full-time position minimum 32 hours per week
  • Your internship mustn’t involve any more than 20% clerical or basic work, or include unskilled labour 
  • Your internship must benefit your future career and have a clear training plan
  • The work you do at your internship must be additional to the employer’s normal staffing requirements 
  • Traineeships within medicine, teaching, social work, manual labour or the arts must be researched based. Please visit https://www.usavisa.ie/internship for more information 
  • You can not do any remote work on this programme and must have an office space. 



USA J-1 Visas are issued at the discretion of the US Embassy and the US Embassy can change visa application processes at any time. You are responsible for submitting a correct and complete visa application on time. You may experience delays or a denial if you: 

  • Have a caution, been arrested or convicted of a crime, have previously experienced US visa/immigration problems or overstayed a visit to the US. You must inform the Company in writing if any of these statuses apply to you at the beginning of the application. Failure to declare such issues resulting in visa denial will result in a 100% cancellation fee.  
  • All applicants must present their documents in person at the US Embassy.
  • The US Embassy will hold your passport until processing has been completed. Do not book any travel abroad during the visa application stage.
  • Average processing time for J1 visa applications with the US consulate is 10-15 business days but may take longer. The US Embassy will not prioritise or ‘fast track’ any visa applications. The company cannot be held responsible for any delays to your application at the embassy.
  • Do not book your US embassy interview until you have been told to book your interview by the Company
  • Wait until you have received confirmation of your visa appointment from the US Embassy before booking transport to your interview. 


US Embassy appointments 

It is the responsibility of the participant to book, and pay for, their US embassy appointment. Whilst we will send participants their DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) and a visa instructions document, it is the sole responsibility of the participant to book and attend an interview at the US embassy. Any fees associated with booking the embassy appointment are paid for by the participant. Under no circumstances can we refund payments that were made directly to the US embassy. 

Every visa applicant must prove to the US embassy that they have sufficient ties to their home country and have set plans to return after their visa ends in the USA. If the US embassy feels that you are using the programme as a stepping stone to stay in the USA, or that there is potential for you to remain in the USA after your visa ends, they will reject your application and their decision will be final. What is outlined as acceptable return evidence for the embassy are some of the following: 

  • A letter from college confirming that you will be returning to complete/further your academic studies 
  • A letter from an employer that is on headed paper with contact details stating that they will offer you a job upon your return from the US or that they will consider you for a position should one be available when you return 

This is mandatory for all applicants – failure to have this will lead to rejection and all return evidence is judged on a case-by-case basis by the embassy so the Company cannot guarantee what will be accepted. 

The US Embassy will hold an applicant’s passport for a minimum of 5 working days for processing of Visa after Interview. It is at the discretion of the US Embassy to hold a passport and application for longer than the above minimum if extra processing is required. The Company, the Sponsor and the US Embassy will not be held responsible for any delays, and subsequent fees incurred due to delays/ extra processing at the US Embassy Interview stage. Under no circumstances can a passport be requested back from the US Embassy quicker than the standard processing times laid out above. 

Availability of visa appointments is at the discretion of the US embassy in the country you are applying from. The company does not guarantee your ability to apply for or attend a US embassy appointment.  


DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) 

  • Only one original physical copy of your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) will be issued at any time by the Sponsor and this is the only valid version.
  • If you lose or damage your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) a new valid version must be issued by the Sponsor and you will be required to cover the costs of issuance and delivery.
  • If you lose or damage your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) please contact the Company at the earliest opportunity.
  • Your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) must be kept with your passport whilst in the USA. 
  • If you forget or lose your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) you may be denied entry to the US or may invalidate your visa and be at risk of deportation. The company are not responsible if immigration deny entry or propose deportation due to insufficient documentation. 
  • You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred reissuing documentation. 
  • The Company does not keep a copy of your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document), and you may be asked to present it during any future applications to visit or work in the USA. 
  • The Company aims to assist you with your arrival to America before your contract start date but is not responsible for delays caused by yourself, the US Embassy, the postal service or the courier company. 

The Company is not responsible for any applications held for additional processing or refused by the US Embassy or any disrupted travel plans due to visa processing delays. 
The Company is unable to provide refunds paid to the US Embassy under any circumstances. 



To participate in the internship programme you will incur additional third-party fees which are outlined in section 2. 



Flights are not included as part of the programme and you will be responsible for booking them. You should not arrange travel until you have been issued a J1 Intern . You must provide your booked travel information to the Company at least 72 hours before you intend to fly. 

The applicant agrees that we will not be held responsible for any costs incurred if a flight change needs to be made. Examples of this include, but not limited to, visa delays, placement cancellations or extra processing by the US embassy. 



Medical insurance is provided as part of the program . Full information of your Insurance plan and the claims procedure will be provided to you once the policy is issued. The Company is not the insurance provider and is not liable for any claims, coverage updates or refunds related to the policy. 

The Sponsor insurance policy includes exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions and any medication that you use regularly. Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and exclusions included in your insurance policy in advance of your departure from your home country. The insurance policy may include an excess or deductible, which you will have to pay on any qualifying claims. If there are any items not covered by the policy, it is your responsibility to acquire any additional policies to protect you during your time in USA. 

You should always carry the insurance card provided by the Sponsor in case treatment is needed in the USA. 

Any injuries incurred whilst working at your work should be covered by the employer Workers Compensation Insurance Policy. 



  • It is up to the participant to find their own internship position; it is recommended you do research on the area you are travelling to, to ensure you are travelling to an area where internship placements are readily available in your field of study. 
  • All participants have the option of searching for internships on their online accounts through the Company’s application 
  • For participants wanting to use the Company’s database of employers to source an internship, we do not guarantee any job locations in the USA. We will make available to all participants who avail of job assistance a job interview with an American employer but make no guarantee that you will receive an interview, or job, in your preferred location.
  • Please also note, by signing up to a J1 job interview through your online account, there is no guarantee that you will be hired. Hiring is at the sole discretion of the employer.
  • It is up to each participant who has availed of job assistance to apply for an interview for their American job through the employer database released to them once their application materials have been received by and fully processed by the J1 programme team. We do not allocate interviews to participants, you must sign up for an interview yourself. All job interviews listed on the jobs database are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Internships that are hosted at foreign embassies or consulates located within the geographic united states will not be permitted. 



Pre departure 

  • All travel before, during and after the Programme is at the applicant’s own risk. Any applicant who chooses to operate motorized vehicles is responsible for obtaining the necessary license, permission and insurance and does so at their own risk. 
  • The applicant understands that when accepting an internship with an employer, they agree to do their best, abide by the terms of the job offer, to comply with the employer’s rules and company policies 
  • Under no circumstances are internships guaranteed. Even for internships sourced through the Company, under no circumstances are internships guaranteed. Even in the case when an employer represents that an internship is being held, this does not constitute a binding contract that the internship will be available when the applicant arrives. The employer’s commitment is one of good faith only. 
  • It is the participant's responsibility to ensure they check the details of the contract of employment, to research availability of suitable housing in the location of work and ensure they are satisfied with all conditions outlined in the employment contract. The Company are not liable for any issues that may arise on matters deemed to be the responsibility of the participant. 
  • The applicant will inform us immediately if their planned date of entry to the US changes forwards or backwards. A change in your arrival date may require a change in the DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document); if applicable, the applicant agrees to pay the DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) replacement & reissue fees involved. 
  • If you choose to travel to the USA up to 30 days before your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) start date, please note the following:
  • You cannot register your details with SEVIS until your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document)start date.
  • You cannot apply for a social security number until your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) start date (and at least 2 days after registering with SEVIS). 


During your placement 

  • The participant understands that neither the Company or the visa sponsor are to be held responsible for any difficulties with participants receiving their Social Security Numbers/Cards, and any expenses incurred due to delays arising from the above. 
  • If, during the programme, the participant encounters any difficulties with Social Security, safety, health, the job, housing, including charges or fees for housing, sanitary conditions, overcrowding, etc. or any other problem, the participant must notify the visa sponsor as soon as possible. 
  • Participants are required to comply with all US laws while inside the United States. If a participant violates any US law, the visa sponsor reserves the right to revoke their legal sponsorship, which will result in the withdrawal or termination of their programme. A terminated participant also loses their legal right to remain in the US Employment or Job-Related Conditions
  • The applicant must agree to behave ethically and responsibly while in the USA. They understand that their DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) can be cancelled at the discretion of the visa sponsor if they behave in a way that is in violation of the programme rules or can be deemed unethical.
  • All programme participants agree to abide by the programme conditions, including financial requirements, and to return to the UK at the end of the programme. Furthermore, the participant recognizes the importance of sharing their cultural experience with their home country.
  • The applicant is responsible for reading and carefully considering all materials made available that relate to safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural and religious customs and conditions in the US. Each applicant must take full responsibility in the event that laws, regulations, or customs are broken, regardless of foreknowledge.
  • Participants should note that they are not, under any circumstances, permitted to travel to the Tijuana metropolitan area in Mexico.
  • Please note that the visa cannot be extended under any circumstances.
  • If you choose to stay in the USA up to 30 days after your visa and DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document)  end, please note the following:
  • You may not work in any capacity during this period – these 30 days are for travel purposes only.
  • You cannot leave the continental USA and re-enter during this period as your visa will have expired. If you travel outside of the USA during this time, you will not be able to return without a valid visa. You will have to return to the UK in this instance. 



 Any dispute or claim against the sponsor will be subject to the sponsor agreement, and may be exclusively arbitrated in a specific location within the USA. I know of no reason why I may be refused a visa (e.g. have been arrested or convicted of a crime; have applied to migrate to the US; previously experienced US visa/immigration problems; or have overstayed on a previous visit). If I suspect that I may have problems, I will disclose these reasons in writing to the J1 team. If a visa is refused for reasons previously undisclosed, no refund will be given. 



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